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About Us:

We at Ursa Farmers value your business. We want to be able to provide you with the tools and information you need to reach the goals and potential on your farm. Two cattle consultants are on staff to help you with your needs. Monte Rowland (217-440-8495) and Casey Krieg (217-506-2529)  are a phone call away, and can provide you with information from nutrition to management and are happy to help where needed!


We carry a FULL line of Purina Animal Nutrition products and also MFA products.
Commodity feeds and grind & mix manufacturing options are available
Ration balancing and formulation specific to your needs!
Forage and feed analysis available on request—two samples free per year!
Creep Feeder Rental Programs
On Farm Audits to improve your operation
Proof Pays - Scale weighing service


Promotions / Events:

June 21, 2019 Research & Field Day

Pasture Thoughts - Timely Tips
Is your silage working for you?
Considerations for feeding wheat
Proof is in the Numbers
Try the Proof Challenge Today!

   Range Supplements
W&R Mineral Intake Summary
Accuration Liquid Winter Supplement
Accuration Block - The Total Program

   Starter Feeds
Accuration Starter
Stress Care 5

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